Two contractors stand on the crossbeams of a roof as they install new roofing materials.

Once you’ve decided that your new roof is a necessity, and chosen a great roofing contractor, what happens next? Let’s look at the steps for great roofing construction in Tallahassee!

First, we protect your property. Using tarps, plywood, and anything else that’s necessary, we make sure that we’re not going to damage anything while we work on your roof.

Next, we look at removing shingles, if we need to. Most metal roofs, such as tin roofs, can be installed directly over shingles; if you’ve chosen other roofing materials, the old shingles will need to be torn down and thrown away.

Then, we make any necessary repairs. This is a great opportunity to inspect your wood decking for wear, rot, or weather damage.

After that, we prepare the surface for your chosen new roof. This can include underlayers for the roofing material to rest on, drip edge, flash cap, and more, again depending on what sort of roof we’re putting on.

Finally, we install the actual roofing surface.

Then, we clean up after ourselves. We make sure that we’re not leaving your yard littered with nails and debris, or ugly ladder marks. We feel that your home should be cleaner when we leave than it was when we arrive.

With 30 years of experience in the area, we have a reputation to protect, and experience to offer to our clients. When you choose Callaghan Roofing, you’re choosing a local business that is deeply committed to service the residents in our community. Call us today to find out more about a free roofing estimate.

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