In the suburbs of Tallahassee, Florida, home owners know how important it is to have a durable, energy efficient roof that will last as long as a home itself. If you want the very best roof possible, you know that metal roofing in Havana is the best choice you can make. With 30 years of experience in roofing installation in the region, Callaghan Roofing is the best possible choice for shingle or metal roofing installation or repair.

There are so many reasons to choose metal roofing that Havana customers might struggle pinpointing the most important one. Is it that metal roofs are more durable, withstanding falling objects and fire? Is it that they’re more environmentally friendly than shingles, using recycled materials and generating less trash? Is it that they last as long as a home does, withstanding the trials of time and becoming more beautiful as years pass? All the features are so fantastic, it’s hard to decide which is your favorite!

Does your home have any of these potential roofing problems?

  • Roof Is Over 12 Years Old
  • Loss Of Granulation
  • Interior Water Damage
  • Decayed Shingles
  • Only One Layer of Roofing
  • Broken Or Damaged Shingles
  • Curling Shingles
  • Missing Shingles
  • Visible Leaks Or Cracks
  • Wind Damage

decrease metal roof noise

Beautify your home with metal roofing

Whatever the style of your home, there is an option for metal roofing in Havana that will bring a new level of class and beauty to your home. If you’re not sure what style will best suit your home, contact Callaghan Roofing. We’ll answer all your questions and help you find an option that fits your budget! Request a quote today.