A gutter in the rain, a cobweb holding a few raindrops

One of the questions we get asked a lot when customers inquire about a metal roof installation is how exactly how noisy it is to have a tin roof, copper roof, or other metal roofing systems. The answer is: it depends!

We’ve learned that we need to ask, in response: How noisy do you want it to be? Most of us have experienced metal roofing as the barn roof or porch covering that pinged and popped as rain fell down on it. In modern installations, metal roofing is really very different.

Most of the time, metal roofs are installed either on a solid roof deck, or are reroofed over a layer or two of shingles. In those situations, the airspace and layers of material deaden the sounds of the rain on the roof, and those inside may not hear rain at all, or may hear it from skylights instead of the roof itself.

If you think a metal roof is way too noisy, this is great news! You get a green roof that saves you money over its lifetime and beautifies your home without being kept awake in every rainstorm. Let’s face it, in Tallahassee, that would be a lot of sleepless nights!

However, if you remember the sound of rain pattering down on a tin roof as a soothing sound, and something you’d like to hear when it rains, you can let us know that. We can direct you towards metal roofing that can be installed in such a way that the sounds are more audible to you in your home.

Are metal roofs noisy? The answer is: only if you want them to be.

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